Improving PLHIV and MARP Case Management at Health Facilities in Cambodia (2015-2016)

Improving PLHIV and MARP Case Management at Health Facilities in Cambodia

Extending our reach to help PLHIV in rural Cambodia.

In February 2015, AUA received project funding from USAID to extend the reach of our care, treatment and support services. Under guidance from NCHADS, AUA established Pre-ART/ART clinics at six new provincial sites:


  • Rattanakiri Provincial Hospital (Rattanakiri province)
  • Sen Monorom Referral Hospital (Monulkiri province)
  • Rokar Health Center (Battambang province)
  • Memot Referral Hospital (Kampong Cham province)
  • Choeung Prey Referral Hospital (Kampong Cham province)
  • Kep Referral Hospital (Kep province)


In Mondulkiri and Rattanakiri – two of Cambodia’s most isolated provinces – the new clinics meant that PLHIV could access care and treatment close to home without having to travel to another province. Rokar Health Center, which opened in March 2015, was initiated by NCHADS in response to an unprecedented HIV outbreak in the community. AUA provided on-site support for the 177+ adult patients affected.

Before the project was phased out in February 2016 and Pre-ART/ART duties were handed over to hospital staff, AUA staff helped to:


  • Manage 1,200 active patients
  • Treat 45 pregnant women
  • Facilitate 7,673 health consultations
  • Trace 452 missing patients, 86% of whom returned to treatment
  • Refer 96 sero-discordant partners for testing
  • Refer 27 exposed infants for testing
  • Provide 6 women with a pre-birth support package
  • Hold group discussions for 1,678 patients
  • Visit 229 sick patients and provide them with counseling in their community
  • Provide lab test support to 88 patients
  • Facilitate viral load testing for 1,325 patients
  • Provide 1,298 patients with transport assistance
  • Transport bloodwork from remote sites to Phnom Penh on 106 occasions
  • Refer 129 women for family planning
  • Facilitate PLHIV rights forums attended by 254 people
  • Organize quarterly meetings for 184 stakeholders