AUA's current projects & past programs.
  • Clinical Support
    Clinical Support

    Offering technical assistance and specialized support to healthcare providers for over a decade.

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    Peam Village HIV Cluster

    Providing counseling and educational services to support newly diagnosed PLHIV in Peam Village, Kandal province.

  • Quality Care Advocacy
    Quality Care Advocacy

    Facilitating communication and feedback between PLHIV, civil society, service providers and the government sector.

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    Engaging communities, duty bearers and healthcare providers to end discrimination against PLHIV.

  • KSFH
    Counseling & Social Work

    Promoting treatment adherence and holistic health through psychosocial services and mutual support.

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    Human Rights Forums

    Empowering PLHIV and most-at-risk populations to understand and advocate for their rights.

  • Staff Capacity Building2
    Capacity Building

    Developing skills in care, research and advocacy to ensure a patient-oriented response to HIV in Cambodia.

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    Patient Assistance

    Identifying most-at-risk patients and assisting them to overcome practical barriers to healthcare.

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    Build House Build Positive Lives

    Partnering with Habitat For Humanity Cambodia to provide safe, secure shelter for vulnerable PLHIV.

  • Ratanakiri
    Improving PLHIV and MARP Case Management at Health Facilities in Cambodia (2015-2016)

    Extending our reach to help PLHIV in rural Cambodia.

  • msm
    MSM and HIV Global Forum (2015)

    Empowering key populations to advocate for their rights.

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    Regional Rights Training with Asia Catalyst (2015-2016)

    Building capacity to document discrimination in healthcare settings and effectively advocate for PLHIV rights.

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    Roka Commune HIV Cluster (2015)

    Supporting newly diagnosed PLHIV, their families and the wider Roka community.

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    Livelihood & Income Generation (2013)

    Improving lives through vocational training and micro enterprise.