New Technology Enables PLHIV to Report Discrimination

AUA is one of the latest organizations to take up iMonitor+, a mobile application launched by UNAIDS in Cambodia in late 2015.

Designed specifically for HIV/AIDS services, iMonitor+ presents a unique opportunity to centralize patient care. According to UNAIDS, “iMonitor+ uses GPS technology to locate a user who can then receive information on where to access condoms, HIV testing, counselling and treatment and other key services. If there are stock-outs of antiretroviral medicine and other HIV commodities, the user can send alerts to a central dashboard and be directed in real-time to other services nearby.”

iMonitor+ also allows users to anonymously report experiences of discrimination or violations of their rights in HIV service and other delivery settings.

According to the Broadcasting Board of Governors, 88% of Cambodian households own a mobile phone, and the overwhelming majority of Cambodians who have internet access – 89.2% – get online using a hand-held device.

Educational pamphlets explaining iMonitor+, how to download and use the app, can now be found in the reception area of AUA’s Phnom Penh sites. AUA’s clinical staff have been trained in using the platform and can also provide assistance to patients.