International Volunteer Day: To Celebrate This Day We Interview AUA’s Volunteer

Australian volunteer Emily Lush has been with us at AUA since February 2016. We interviewed Emily about her work.

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Firstly, tell us a little about your work before AUA.

I have worked as a magazine journalist and blogger, and volunteered at Non-Government Organizations in Australia and Thailand.

Why did you want to volunteer for AUA?

Because I was interested in spending more time in Cambodia. When I read about this position, AUA’s mission really resonated with me.

What is your position and responsibility at AUA?

As Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Officer, I work closely with AUA’s Fundraiser and IT/Communications Officer on capacity building activities. My responsibilities cover everything communications-related, such as: writing reports, writing news for the AUA website, promoting AUA’s Activities, helping field staff write reports, building up staff capacity through training and workshops.

What do you like about working for AUA?

Everyone at AUA is passionate about their work and together we make a good team. Staff always help each other.

What are you learning from AUA?

I have learned a lot about NGOs, how community organizations workthe challenges, and what NGOs need. I have learned different skills from working with different stakeholders. And I have learned a lot about HIV/AIDS in Cambodia.

Finally, do you have any words to express your feeling for AUA?

I would like to thank AUA for having me as a volunteer in Cambodia.