Exchange Visit to Siem Reap (16th-19th Dec, 2015)

The exchange visit to Siem Reap hospital, we are sharing our experience to PLHIV there and received more advice from doctor there about how to care heath? And how to care our member health is good? And our staff will sharing our all knowledge to our sites for make the good heath together.

At the Siem Reap Referral Hospital there are 2998 of active PLHIV, 1623 of female and 1375 of Male that has received the Pre-ART/ART. The PLHIV that used the ART, there arern2861 of 1546 female and  1315 male. The PLHIV that used the OI, there are 137 of 77 female and 60 male. For the PLHIV that has died in the last third quarterly, there are 9 of 4 female and 5 male. And there are 20 of PLHIV that has transferred to other place include 17 of the ART and the PLHIV that transferred in, there are 11 all used ART.

And there are some challenge that we can solve and some challenge cannot solve right now but will disuse the next meeting. And our staff ask so many question to the patient such as what is first line and second line? And they answer that the first line is right to dating with doctor and the second line is not right to dating with doctor, and Ms Eth Salat, AUA’s staff said that is good for your health that your right for dating with doctor, And there are a lot of question from our site’s staff that asks to the PLHIV there that we can get some challenge and we can solved some but some are the focus to the next time.

After that our staff has to visit at community with SCC’ PLHIV for talking about something and change our experience to each other about how to care health? And how to safety and right dating with doctor?…and we make the encouragement, friendly and make more communication with each other too.

In the evening, all of our staff go to visit at Bak Kheng Mountain for make happiest, strong communication and enjoying together after our mission too.

Siem Reap exchange