Annual Project Review Meeting (15th-17th Aug, 2015)

Mrs. Han Sienghorn, AUA Executive Director welcomed and thanked participants for coming and gave everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves and explained the purpose of the annual project review meeting. All participants were get the good experience of innovation from sites and discus to solve the challenges:

  1. Activities for the processed: All the presentation has showed a good experience and great activities, counseling, encouragement to the patient at work place. So many activities that share to each other on topic are the key to strong communication with team.
  2. Achievement of the activities: The achievement and creativity are received from difference sites are good job and active with patients.
  3. Challenges at work place: The mainly focus on lost patient, some doctor has no encouragement to patient, PLHIV has no job and other problem will notice asked to the facilitator.
  4. Solving the challenges: For the brainstorming and advice from facilitator are completed of the missing and some challenges cannot recently solved will discuss the next session.
  5. Opinion for innovation: participants has a lot of share idea to make the innovation and next step to active working.
  6. Request for activities: The requesting of all sites involve the urgent need for work place and especially for help to patient such as more training, and need some material.

Every presentation who showed on topic are the most of great activities at their work place was done to increase experience and shared for the meeting.

A lot of the question during the presentation and group discussion and very well to make opinion from their good experience and answer the question and all the participants has fully to understand.

For the presentation of the annual project review meeting was interested and increase for the more activities with patient and they commitment with group player, communication, closely team and showed strong the brainstorming discussion and answered questions.

More practice with game are good the activities involve freshly of feel, reflect ideas and very useful with group discussion and also improved the good relationship to each other that make by volunteers staff of AUA.

Mr Ro Rotha has interesting of the meeting and summarizing the result and annual meeting. Mr Heng Chheangkim, Project Manager/Fundraiser of AUA praised the participants and staff’ high commitment and thanked to staff for good innovation and trying to solve the challenges is better of other situation.