Exchange Visit and Annual Meeting (17th-20th Nov, 2015)

Exchange visit and Annual meeting of AUA, on 18th Nov 2015 we have to visit and exchange visit at Sihanouk Referral Hospital about using the medicine of HIV and we received the good experience from doctor there and excellency Tea Phalla for share to the patience to good for care our healthy and received the good service from doctor.

On this evening at Sihanouk Province Health Department we have a meeting with all the membership, staff and board of membership about update new membership policies, representation of membership data, income and expense of membership, presentation of achievement and activities from Asia Catalyst. Mr Ro Rotha has the interesting from the meeting and summarizing the result of annual meeting. Mr Heng Chheangkim, program manager/fundraiser of AUA said praise to all the membership that jointed this meeting and gave a good opinion to update our policies and thank for board of membership of Dr.Sechou Sithychot, vice director of Sihanouk Province Health Department who has interesting in this meeting, Dr.Mom Sophal board of AUA has to share a good experience too, especially excellency Tea Phalla, vice director of NAA has gave the advice and solving all the challenge to good situation too. After the meeting we have a dinner at Chherteal beach that we have a strong communicate, good cooperation too.

On 19th Nov 2015, our membership,staff and excellency Tea Phalla went to visit at community for interview with patient in 1 village, 3 commune, Sihanoukville Province that Mr Chom Rotha, he borrowed 500$ from bank to feed the 100 chickens after one year he can sell the chicken and received 1000$ per year so he can pay back to bank and some less of money can supported to his family too. After that we went visit at Toul Khsach Village, 4 commune, Sihanouk Province too to interview with one family that have a good technique for plant the vegetable that pay for seeds and building are 5000$ but we can find a lot of customer with big restaurant or foreigner who can find a lot of money to support our family to better and better too.

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