Positive Prevention and B-IACM Training in Kep Province

From March 22 to 25, 2016, two groups of AUA staff travelled to Kep province to undertake refresher training on positive prevention and Boosted Integrated Active Case Management. A total of 45 staff members participated in the sessions, which were facilitated in joint partnership between AUA and KHANA.


Through a mix of presentations, group work, individual reflection and training activities, the sessions aimed to:

  1. Cover the evolution of HIV response in Cambodia.
  2. Revisit positive prevention concepts.
  3. Illuminate problems/challenges in implementing positive prevention at AUA clinics.
  4. Improve staff knowledge around recording and reporting systems.

This was also an opportunity for AUA staff from different sites to network and share experiences.

The session was opened by Dr Chhit Thy, Technical Advisor HIV/AIDS Flagship Project, who spoke about B-IACM; partner notification, tracing and HIV testing (PNTT); and identify reach intensity retains (IRIR) theory. These methods were discussed in the context of Cambodia’s HIV/AIDS response with a rationale and model of implementation provided for each.

Mrs Han Sienghorn, Executive Director of AUA, then presented on the six topics of positive prevention before Mr Yuk Phar, AUA Social Worker at Chamkar Duang, and Mr Kong Vuthy, AUA Project Manager, discussed the problems and challenges around implementing positive prevention. Participants identified recurring issues and had a chance to troubleshoot common concerns as a group.

Seventeen other staff members were called on to present on various other topics, including:

  • ART adherence, presented by Mr Bou Dul (Social Worker at Kampong Cham Referral Hospital) and Ms Dy Sokha (Counsellor at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital).
  • Condom use, presented by Ms Te Naysim (Counsellor at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital) and Ms Em Ra (Social Worker at Mean Chey Referral Hospital).
  • STIs, presented by Mr Seng Bun (Triage at Pochentong) and Mr Thong Sam Ang (Adolescent Counsellor at Kampong Cham Referral Hospital).
  • Family planning, presented by Ms Keat Sothan (Family Planning Counsellor at Kampong Cham Referral Hospital) and Ms Sin Samphors (Family Planning Counsellor at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital).
  • Pregnancy and PMTCT, presented by Ms Than Savdy (Group Organizer at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital) and Ms Ly Yan (Social Worker at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital).
  • Follow-up of pregnant women and infants, presented by Ms Chab Sreynath (Case Management Support at Pochentong) and Mr Kong Vuthy (Project Manager).
  • TB Co-infection, presented by Mr Un Chea (Group Organizer at Kampong Cham Referral Hospital) and Mr Srong Kimchheng (Triage at Meanchey Referral Hospital).
  • B-IACM, presented by Mr Sreng Bunna and Mr Han Sivutha, Case Management Support Officers.
  • Data collection and reporting, presented by Mr Ro Rotha (M&E Officer), Mrs Han Sienghorn and Mr Heng Chheangkim (Program Manager/Fundraiser).


As part of the training, pre and post-tests were distributed to all participants to gauge knowledge levels and areas for improvement. Participants also had a chance to provide feedback to organizers through a training evaluation.

AUA would like to thank all staff who participated in this refresher training workshop. To learn more about staff capacity building opportunities, click here.