Regional Rights Training with Asia Catalyst: Program Update

Back in 2015, AUA was selected as one of eight community-based organizations to participate in Asia Catalyst’s Regional Rights Training program. Eighteen months on, AUA staff have successfully completed three intensive training workshops, collected stakeholder testimonials that formed an important part of a groundbreaking Asia Catalyst report, and coordinated a number of events across Cambodia to advocate for the rights of PLHIV and key populations.

This month saw the release of three new resources that have directly emerged from the program. Published by Asia Catalyst, the ‘Field Guide for Community-Based Human Rights Documentation’ (PDF, Khmer language) provides practical tips for identifying and documenting cases of discrimination. The Cambodia ‘Glossies’ – also published by Asia Catalyst and available in English and Khmer – summarize the field research undertaken by AUA and CCW during the Regional Rights Training program cycle. These documents contain anecdotes from some of the 100 Cambodian women interviewed, plus policy recommendations and advocacy pathways. AUA strongly encourages all partner NGOs and other civil society organizations working in the field of human rights to utilize these valuable resources – all of which are free to download.

AUA is proud to announce that with the aid of a sub-grant from Asia Catalyst, staff will continue the work that this program started by conducting an advocacy meeting in Phnom Penh in early August. This is the first time staff from AUA and CCW will have a chance to formally share the research findings with their peers and colleagues. Representatives from government, civil society, the service sector and partner NGOs will come together to discuss the findings and collaborate on solutions to the issue of discrimination in healthcare settings in Cambodia. Members of the PLHIV and KP communities will also attend the workshop to give their valuable input.

‘Discrimination in Healthcare Settings Against PLHIV and Key Populations: Sharing of research findings and discussion’ will be held on August 2nd at Meanchey Referral Hospital in Phnom Penh. To read more about the Regional Rights Training program and AUA’s involvement, click here – or follow the links to learn more about AUA’s ongoing work in Quality Care Advocacy and Human Rights.